You think you are a pundit of the game with normal shaped balls? - well get predicting as Annan RFC presents the best game since Bullseye - The Football Prediction Competition.

14th/15th October: No winner. Prize fund for this week is estimated to be 250.

14th/15th October Summary:

As expected, the number of entries was down from last week's high, exacerbated by a few agents not being around.

A total entry of 238 resulted in a prize fund of 119. After the first 5 games, only one person had a chance of winning, with a prediction of a home win in yesterday's Newcastle v Bolton fixture; although Newcastle were leading at half time, the final score was an away win.

What is it and how can you help?

Every week - games are selected (League or International) - that you have to predict the outcome on. Get it right and win a share of the prize pool - only 1 per entry!!

Click Icon for October 21th/22nd Entry Sheet/Rules

We also need 'Agents' - and this is where you can also help. We need as many 'Agents' as possible. If each 'Agent' onlys sell a few 1 lines each week - eg 50 agents at 8 lines per week = 400 per week of income - 50% of which goes to club funds.

The idea is that each agent sells their sheet within their workplace and each week it becomes a "standing order" for people.

Please give any completed entry sheets to behind the bar. If you have any questions or need further information then please contact Lindsay Currie

You will have hopefully seen the various links re the Annan RFC On-Line Shop Referral

Basically - if you buy anything through the net - if you go via the link then Annan RFC get a commission on whatever you buy (between 1 and 5%)