Satan INSIDE!!!
dripping blood


dripping blood

Rumours are going round the Rugby World that the shy and retiring ex-England hooker, Brian Moore, has sold his soul to the Devil and is infact, Satan himself, the


Brian Moore?? - Here we can see what he would look like...kind of!!!

With the ability to:-

Moan about games and slag off opposing teams even though he was in the winning team. Scotland v's England in 1995 surfaces time and time again.
Old Nick?

Over-rule team Captains and run kickable penalties that could have won games. Scotland V's England in 1990 springs to mind. Although we here at the ARFC webpage believe this ability to be the work of a latter-day SAINT!!!.

The evil one?
The ability to get players backs up by just opening his mouth and speaking, even players on his own team. Err err err EVERY game comes to mind!!

We here at the Annan RFC Webpage want to squash these TERRIBLE rumours by the setting up of the "Is Brain Moore the ANTI-CHRIST?" page. We want to show that Brain Moore is actually a SAINT (Saint Moore, as we like to call him, Patron Saint of Fair-play and Sportsmanship) and is in NO WAY connected with the forces of Darkness.

Brian Moore
So please select one of the options below, the results will be totalled up at the end of the season, and IT WILL BE PROVEN (beyond doubt) that Brian Moore is NOT the ANTI-CHRIST and lay these terrible rumours once and for all.This is now the 4th year of this vote..and it is my sad duty to inform the rugby world that the votes so far are.....

Yes Brian Moore is the Son of the Devil - 217 votes
No Brian Moore is a Lovely Christ-like Entity - 12 votes

I'm sorry I find this hard to accept......especially after the TV Advert he's currently appearing in....I demand a recount...and as such...the vote will be continuing for another season.......(the recount could also be the fact I've not thought up of another page to replace this one.........). This page is now officially not as funny as it once was as I now get messages asking who Brian Moore is. I should really replace it with another page....but hey, I can't be know how it is...

Please select one:
Richard Whitley? I believe that Brian Moore is NOT the Anti-Christ and is in no way connected with Lucifer and his evil rugby playing minions.
This is Brian Moore
I see happiness and joy in everything he says and does

Jeremy Clarkson? I believe that Brain Moore IS the Anti-Christ and has used his dark powers to influence games and players. I once even saw him rip the head off a chicken and chant the words "I am the Evil One and Scotland ruined that game on purpose by killing the ball while England tried to play a dead expansive 9 man rugby game." backwards, whilst smearing his body with goats blood.

a chicken disguised as a cockrel An artists impression of the chicken Brian Moore may have used...

I am sure this will end this rumour once and for all.

If you have browser that has an enables Java can vote using the thing below....and YOU will be able to see upto date results...AS THEY HAPPEN!!!!!!.....

MARVEL as 1 vote every 2 months comes in......
GASP at the shocking findings......
Ask yourself WHY someone wastes their time setting these things up.........!!!!

dripping blood