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27TH APRIL 2014


Report by Ian Hamilton

Eight intrepid Annan RFC minis set out to play for Langholm Lions RFC at Gala Mini Maroons tournament. Langholm had entered at P4, P6 and P7 level and ARFC had players in all three age groups. All played well, with skill and in the spirit that the tournament required.

All the boys enjoyed the experience and, apart from Ruari (P4) and a few of our Langholm friends picking up a couple of knocks, most came through unscathed. The Borders is still a hotbed of competitive rugby despite having lost their District team and as such is a great opportunity for our Minis to extend themselves.

This seasons amalgamation with Langholm for certain tournaments has worked well and should be encouraged, as should developing the numbers in both clubs so that soon we can both turn out full teams at these tournaments.

Results were as follows:-

P7 (Jamie Robertson and Ross Barlow)

    Gala 2 vs Langholm 0
    Peebles 5 vs Langholm 1 (Thomas Scott)
    Hawick 3 vs Langholm 2 (Jamie Robertson and Will Young)

P6 (Max Coupland, Daniel Bryden, Josh Smith and Ryan Whiteside)

    Gala 1 vs Langholm 1 (Daniel Grieve)
    Peebles 2 vs Langholm 1 (Thomas Coates)
    Selkirk 1 vs Langholm 1 (Daniel Grieve)

P4 (Ruari Heughan and Adam Hamilton)

    Gala Vikings 0 vs Langholm 6 (Corey Park 2, Brady Wilson 2, Ruari Heughan and Adam Hamilton)
    Melrose 4 vs Langholm 1 (Aaron (Gala))
    Semi Final Hawick 5 vs Langholm 2 (Corey Park and Adam Hamilton)

Finally a big shout out to the organisers at Gala, the Langholm coaches and all ARFC parents who gave up their Sunday to make this happen.

Annan Rugby Club, coaches and kids say a big “Thank You”

26TH APRIL 2014


Report by Austin Gracie

Exhibition match between the Tigers & Langholm Lions at Langholm’s Annual Sevens Tournament, Saturday 26th April 2014

The Tigers were very kindly invited to Langholm to play an exhibition match before the final of Langholm’s annual Seven’s Tournament. Our primary 4’s & 5’s combined with Langholm’s players to make 2 teams, these were;

Lions; Hughie Donaldson, Ben Jardine, Brent Davidson, Corey Park, Simon Graham, Aaron Kirkup, Ben Latimer, Aitken render, Eric Goodfellow, Ben Macmillan, Merlin Moore.

Tigers; Mattie Young, Mungo Mann, Ruari Forbes, Ruari Heughan, Adam Hamilton, Euan Kirkup, JakePark, Kerr Gordon, Brady Wilson, Charlie McCullough.

The boy’s played a fiercely contested match in front of a big crowd and produced some very entertaining rugby.

The Tigers struck first with Ruari Forbes scoring a try from some good possession and great passing. Brady Wilson then scored again for the Tigers and things seemed to be going the Tiger’s way.

After the second try the Lions leaped into action and with some great handling from the Lions Corey Park ran the ball up the right side of the pitch to score the Lion’s first try.

The Lions kept the pressure on the Tigers and a great pass allowed Ben Latimer to run past the Tiger’s defence on the left of the pitch and score in the corner. With the score tied at 2-2 the Tigers showed more intensity and kept good possession. The Tiger’s hard work paid off with another try from Ruari Forbes ending the game 3 – 2 to the Tigers.

A big thank you to the Langholm coaches for inviting our players to the tournament.

This is just another example of the great relationship that has been built between Langholm and Annan Rugby.

13TH APRIL 2014


Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland

On Sunday 13th April, Langholm held their mini festival at Milntown. Annan fielded a Tigers P6 team and also had players playing for the host club at P3,P4,P5 and P7 level.

This was an excellent outing for all the Annan players coming up against well drilled and in some cases highly skilled opponents from Hawick, Gala, Glasgow Accies, Peebles and Dumfries.

Although all the age group teams were unsuccessful, there were some excellent performances, with all the players, rising to the occasion, and showing some tenacious defence and enterprise in their attacking play. On the day it was the better organisation in terms of defensive lines and faster reaction times of their opponents at the contact area which won the games for them.

It has been a pleasure to see the players develop and improve over the season, which augers well for the future, for both Annan and Langholm.

Special mention to Ryan Whiteside whose tackle rate was something to behold and at times thunderous in its execution.

Thanks also to Langholm for hosting the day and their as usual great hospitality.

6TH APRIL 2014


Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland

On Sunday 6th April, 2014, Annan Tigers hosted a mini Tournament at Violetbank involving teams from Penicuik, Dumfries, Langholm, Stewartry and Moffat.

Games were played at micro ( P1 - P3), P4,5,6 and 7 level involving over 100 boys and girls, playing over 20 games.

Over the piece an Annan/ Langholm p7 team won three games and lost one. At p6 Annan list all three of their games. At P5 and 4 the Langholm/ Annan teams won two games and lost one respectively.

Despite the mud and at times heavy rain their were some excellent displays of running rugby and good handling skills.

Special mention to Colin and Kieran Warwick, Neil Wallace and Murray Forbes for refereeing on the day.

It would also be remiss not to mention the excellent assistance provided by the various mums and dads who kept the players and spectators going with hot drinks and snacks throughout the tournament. Well done to all of you!

6TH APRIL 2014


Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland

On Sunday 6th April, an Annan Tigers U14 team travelled to Moffat to take part in Moffat Rugby Clubs sevens Tournament.

They played 4 games over the afternoon drawing 3-3 with Moffat and losing 1-0 to Langholm, 2-1 to Stewartry and 4-0 to Dumfries.

Annan try Scorers on the day were Jake Lamont 1 try and Neil Smith 3 tries.

Annan team - Josh Whiteside, Kane Marshall, Euan Murray, Jake Lamont, Fraser Jameson, Duncan Walker, Robbie Davidson, Cameron Irving, Robbie Kirkwood, Neil Smith, Jack Ogilvie. Chris McGlasson, Reece Dickie.

30TH MARCH 2014


Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland

In the morning of Sunday 30th March, an Annan/ Langholm P7 combined team took on a touring team from Novocastrians RFC from Newcastle on a for once dry Violetbank pitch, on a sunny albeit, windy spring morning.

Both teams were well matched and the home and travelling support from Newcastle were entertained by a keenly contested match, with both sides giving there all and showing effort and skills, which would put some older more experienced players to shame.

The game was comprised of 3 x 20 minute segments, with the Annan/ Langholm team coming out victors over the piece by eleven tries to seven.

Scorers for Annan/ Langholm on the day were Aidan Wilson ( Langholm) 4, Sam Cottrill (Langholm) 2, Thomas Scott (Langholm) 2, Aaron Carmichael (Annan) 2, and Eben Le Vin (Annan) 1.

It was good to see how the Annan and Langholm boys have built up a good understanding and comradeship from the various games they have played together over the season, which is a testament to the attitude of both the boys and their respective coaches.

Special thanks to Novocastrians for coming to Annan for the game and for the invite to a reciprocal game at Newcastle during the Rugby World Cup next year.

Special thanks to James Bingham for refereeing and to Murray Forbes Snr for his public announcing duties.

Annan/ Langholm team:
Annan - Aaron Carmichael, Ross Barlow, Alex Laurie, Euan Beattie, Ryan Armstrong, Jamie ( luminous legs) Robertson and Eben Le Vin.

Langholm - Jamie Braithwaite, Sam Cottrill, Murry ' masher ' Forbes, Jay Gordon, Thomas Scott and Aidan Wilson.

30TH MARCH 2014


Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland

On the afternoon of Sunday 30th March, Annan Tigers U14 hosted a Sevens tournament at Violetbank, involving teams from Langholm, Dumfries ( 2 Teams), Stewartry ( 2 Teams ), Moffat and Newton Stewart, with around 80 boys taking part.

Each team played seven games, with the Annan team coming out with two wins against Moffat, 3 tries to 1, Dumfries B, 3 tries to 1, two 2 - 2 draws against both Stewartry teams and three defeats to Langholm, Newton Stewart and Dumfries A.

All in all a good run out for the Annan boys in their first outing in the sevens format since September last year. All played well over the afternoon and showed just how much they have improved over the past few months.

Try Scorers for Annan on the day were Neil Smith 7, Jack Ogilvie 3, Josh Whiteside 2 and Jake Lamont 2.

Special mention to Ross Graham who played his first game for the club at this level.

Thanks also to both the refs, James Bingham and Colin ' choc' Warrick, who put in a shift over the afternoon, refereeing 14 games each.

Special thanks also to all those who assisted in the tea shed including Elaine, Edith, Tracy, Hammy ( sorry if I've missed anyone) ,all those parents who provided the various tray bakes etc and Elaine, Lillian and the team at Bank Street for the after match meals at the clubhouse which were well received.

30TH MARCH 2014


Report by Susan Coupland

On a glorious Spring morning at the Muckle Toon there was much to be happy about despite us all having had an hour less in bed and it being Mothers Day so a 1030 rendezvous time meant there had been no breakfast in bed!

The Annan Team have improved greatly as the weeks have gone on but sadly this wasn't translated into points during today's matches, against Alnwick and Langholm. It was great to see, however a mixed team of 2 girls & 6 boys taking to the field.

Our first match against Alnwick showed a lot of promise but playing on a larger pitch than they are used to Annan suffered on the wings, where the better drilled Alnwick team made full use of the space available running in 5 tries, although this was in no way representative of the game. Alnwick had a pool of 6 substitutes which they made best use of rotating twice during each game, towards the end of each match this became advantageous against their tiring opponents.

The next game against Langholm was more evenly matched but the score ended 3-0. Our third match again against Alnwick saw some great tacking from Annan as they started to work a bit wider and this ended with Annan suffering 2-0 defeat.

By our last game against Langholm we had lost Ellie Henderson due to injury so again a 2-0 defeat was not a bad result!

A special mention must go to Daniel Bryden who on two occasions ran almost the length of the pitch the first time stopping short of scoring because he knew there hadn't been two passes and despite the same reason on the second run he scored a try only to be disallowed.

Well done Annan for not letting your heads go down but instead enjoying the games which is what it's all about!

Additional points to note from the mums 1. Billy Henderson was a most excellent coach for the day 2. The muscular definition of the Refs legs made up for the lack of breakfast in bed and 3. The Alnwick Team played in a particularly lovely shade of blue!

Lastly thanks to All at Langholm for their excellent hospitality as always!

Annan team - Max Coupland, Josh Smith, Ellie Henderson, Emily Hunter, Coll Irving, John McKay, Daniel Bryden and Ryan Whiteside.

16TH MARCH 2014


Report by Austin Gracie

On a sunny but cold Sunday 16th March Annan took 14 Primary 4, 5, 6 & 7s to a tournament in Dumfries to play for Langholm Rugby Club.

The P4 team played two hard fought games and beat Stewartry 4– 3 in a very close game. The P4’s then played Ayr but struggled to contain a ferocious Ayr side that won 11 – 0, the score in this game did not portray the valiant effort exerted in an extremely physical game. Well done to Ruari for the effort he put in today on his debut.

The P5 team also played two physical, competitive games with Langholm narrowly losing out to Stewartry 3 -2 and then facing another formidable Ayr side that won 5 – 1. The P5 team played with conviction and spirit deserving more points for their exceptional efforts.

The P6 team played three great games Langholm lost out to Ayr 4 – 0 & to Cumnock 5 – 1 in two hard fought games, Langholm did however play an inspired game against Stewartry with a convincing win of 6 – 1. The P6 team played with conviction throughout the tournament and deserved a better score line in the other two games.

The P7 team also played three games where Langholm started with a very convincing win over Sterartry 4 – 1. Langholm then played a very physical Dumfries team that put Langholm under huge pressure.

Langholm defended valiantly but eventually succumbed to the relentless pressure and lost 3 – 0. Langholm played Ayr in the semi-final and was put on the back foot immediately by a powerful Ayr side. Langholm fought back in the second half and had Ayr pinned in their own half scrambling in defence. A dis-allowed try in the second half disrupted Langholm’s momentum and Langholm eventually lost out 4 – 1.

All Annan & Langholm players worked tirelessly in their games and combined to make formidable teams. A big thank you to the players and parents that made the day go smoothly, & thank you to Langholm for inviting our players into their team.

16TH MARCH 2014


Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland

After several weeks of inactivity due to the recent bad weather the Annan/Langholm combined U14 side, eventually had a fixture that went ahead, against Stewartry U14 at Greenlaw, Castle Douglas, on Sunday 16th March.

As the game commenced Annan/Langholm capitalised on some early pressure scoring two tries. Stewartry then had a period where they gained a prolonged territorial advantage in the Annan/Langholm half, primarily due to some laxadasical tackling and rucking by the defending team which eventually resulted in a try.

In the second period the Annan/Langholm boys appeared to wake up from their slumbers and attend to the task in hand, running in a further three tries. During this period the forwards were far more focused at the breakdown, with some excellent running and handling by both the backs and forwards.

The final score being 5 tries to Annan/Langholm, two of which were converted, to one converted try for Stewartry.

All in all it was a good hard competitive game for the boys, however there is still room for improvement particularly at the tackle and breakdown area.

Scores on the day were:- John Wilkes 2 tries, Bailey Donaldson,Lewis Bell and Jude Zietara.

Special mention to Charlie Stobbart who played in his first competitive game of rugby.

Annan players who took part:- Jake Lamont, Duncan Walker, Chris McGlasson, Kane Marshall, Jack Ogilvie, Charlie Stobbart, Robbie Davidson, Kane Marshall, Fraser Jamieson, Euan Waugh and Euan Murray.

2ND MARCH 2014


Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland (Match Photos)

On Sunday 2nd March an Annan/Langholm combined team travelled to Stewartry Rugby Club where they took on the hosts and Moffat at combined P6/7 and 4/5 level.

The P4/5 team winning both their games beating Stewartry 5-3 and Moffat 5-1.

The P6/7 team winning two ten a side games against Stewartry 5-1 and 5-0 before going down to Moffat 3-1.

At the end of the Ten a side the Annan/Langholm team with a couple of additions from Stewartry took on a combined Stewartry/ Moffat team at 15+ a side winning 2-0 over the piece.

This was the first competitive games for most of the boys who played for some time and thankfully the weather stayed more or less throughout.

All in all a good workout, with some good hard tackling, handling and finishing on show.

It was also a pleasure to see the Annan and Langholm lads continuing to link in well with each other both on and off the pitch.

Thanks to all the parents and Langholm coaches who also attended on the day.

Thanks also to Stewartry for putting the games on and the hot food provided post match, which was gratefully received.



Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland (Match Photos)

On Sunday 9th February, Annan P6 and P7 teams travelled to a cold, dreich and windswept Scotstoun stadium in Glasgow, as guests of Glasgow Warriors. All were made most welcome by the Warriors staff and players prior, to the Warriors home league match against Connacht.

The boys were then asked to form a guard of honour, wearing Viking helmets and waving warriors flags, for the arrival of the Connacht and Glasgow teams onto the Scoutstoun pitch.

At half time both teams entertained the 3,000 strong crowd in games against teams from Strathaven and Oban.

The P6 team being defeated 2 tries to nil in a keenly contested match against Oban. The P7 team, however ran out victors over Strathaven by two tries to one, with Aidan Wilson, (Langholm) scoring both the Annan tries.

Following the final whistle several of the Glasgow players re-emerged to sign autographs and pose for photographs including some of the Glasgow players who had played for Scotland against England the previous day.

Despite the inhospitable weather, everyone had a good day out and a special thank you should go to Diane Gracie for organising the day, arranging transport and ensuring the day ran smoothly.

Thanks also to the Langholm lads who played in both teams and their coaches for their assistance on the day.



Report by Russell Bell

Langholm/Annan made the long journey to Newton Stewart on Sunday on the back of a good win v Stewartry the previous week. A week is a long time in rugby and with a number of key players missing, the boys failed to show the same commitment or endeavour.

Newton scored a couple of quick tries in the first 5 minutes from which the boys could not recover. Lack of tackling and slow supporting in the ruck situations saw the home team score a further 2 tries in the first 20 minute period, with the only highlight for the travellers being a good forwards try from the hard working Callum Henderson.

The second period of 20 mins was much improved with a number of breaks from Bailey Donaldson, Jonathon Wilkes and Jude Zietara with Bailey scoring 2 tries which he also converted.

The boys improved their support for the attacking player and started working as a team, but again lack of tackling saw the home team score 3 tries.

Final score: Newton Stewart 25 v Langholm/Annan 11

Special thanks to Andrew Whiteside who accompanied the Annan contingent to this game.

Annan players who took part: Josh Whiteside, Euan Waugh, Euan Murray, Chris McGlasson, Robbie Davidson, Duncan Walker, Kane Marshall and Fraser Jamieson.



Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland (Match Photos)

On a pleasant Sunday 1st December, Annan Rugby Club mini section held a Rugby Festival, hosting teams from Langholm, Moffat, Dumfries and Stewartry, at Violetbank. Teams competing from the P4 - P7 age groups.

Due to the excellent condition of the Violetbank pitches, combined with a pleasantly mild morning and significant spectator numbers, there was a feast of competitive running rugby produced by all the teams that took part. Many of the participants showing skill and commitment levels that would have been impressive at a far higher age and competitive Level.

Annan Rugby Club put out three teams, which played at P5, 6 and 7 level, with the only win coming from the P7 team in a highly competitive and entertaining game against Langholm, P7, Annan eventually running out winners by 5 tries to 3.

All the Annan players, many of whom are new to this standard of rugby played and competed well, on occasion against far more experienced opponents, scoring 18 tries during the games.

Annan try scores on the day were:-

Primary 5 - Matthew Loughran, 2 tries, Aitken Render, 1 try.

Primary 6 - Max Coupland and Coll Irving, 3 tries each, Ben Nelson and Ryan Whiteside 1 try each.

Primary 7 - Euan Beattie, Aaron Carmichael and Robbie Conaghan 2 tries each and Danny Gracie, 1 try each.

Following games all teams retired to the clubhouse in Bank Street for a hearty lunch of 'mince and tatties'.

All in all this as a good day for Annan Rugby Club with several of the boys relishing the chance to compete at this level, which bodes well for the future.

A special mention should also go to the various mums who helped out serving hot drinks and snacks to the many spectators who attended, Elaine and Lillian at the clubhouse for preparing the large number of lunches required and the referees, Neil Wallace, Colin Warwick, Ryan Glass and Cairn Wallace, for giving up their time.



Report by Neil 'Santa' Wallace

Sunday saw Annan’s Violetbank as the sunny setting for a fine game of flowing rugby, with the start delayed by 20 minutes due to the previous game running over and the visitors taking full advantage to ensure the long trip from east Ayrshire was out of their legs with an extended warm up session.

Winning the toss the visitors elected to receive the kick & with the winter sun sinking in their eyes Marr did well to catch the ball and after a few phases of play were turned over after some ferocious tackling in mid field, the 'Tigers' made full use of the unexpected possession and opened the scoring with a fine team made try (unconverted)

The ‘Tigers’ went on to dominate almost every facet of play and the fact that they had 14 players on the pitch to the oppositions 15 is testament to how well the lads gelled as a team.

There was needless to say some fine individual performances with Easton again showing up well in the loose and Smith capping an excellent afternoon with a Man of the match performance, but by far the most pleasing aspect was the number of team tries scored with a total of 9 tries to 4 .

The ‘Tigers’ were also down to 13 players for 2 spells during the game when Easton was sin binned for reacting to a bit of argy bargie & then later Joe took a spell off for a tip tackle

Final Score: Annan/Dumfries 57 v Marr 22

Although the scoreline shows what an attacking potential the ’Tigers’ were this week it was the outstanding defence that won the game with the vast majority of Marrs attacks being thwarted in midfield with each and every player standing up and being counted .

Mention must also be given to the travelling players who kept on trying for the entire 60 minutes but on this occasion the ‘Tigers’ were stronger & more up for the contest .

Tigers team: 1. Tussler, 2. Davidson, 3. Martin, 4. Robertson, 5. Easton, 6. Ogilvie, 7. Smith, 8. Joe, 9. Johnstone, 10. Nelson, 11. Wilson, 12. Hair, 13. Jackson and 15.Lamont

The improvement in this weeks performance was evident for all to see and now the task of consistency comes in with an away trip to play Ardrossan/ Garnock next on the fixture calendar.

Training on Wednesday will be at Park Farm, Dumfries with the Minibus leaving Bank Street at 18:25 please be on time



Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland

Annan/Langholm S1/2 entertained Stewartry S1/2 at Violetbank in the latest fixture in the S1/2 15 a side, development League, on the afternoon of Sunday 24th November.

In a well contested game, the Annan/Langholm forwards soon began exert control at both the scrum and breakdown allowing their backs to put together some impressive passages of play throughout the game. This resulted in a 47 - 0 win for the hosts .

The Annan/ Langholm tries being scored by Jonathan Wilkes, (3 tries), the industrious Calum Henderson, (2 tries ) and a further 2 tries from Jude Zietara, 6 of which were converted.

To their credit the Stewartry boys continued to battle hard however, on occasion they were punished for handling errors by the more cohesive Annan/Langholm team.

This was an excellent display from the Annan/Langholm team who are gaining more confidence in both their own and their team mates abilities, the more they play together.

There was some excellent work at the breakdown area and a strong defensive team ethic, with the ever reliable Joe Argo, ably supported by Calum Henderson, Jake Lamont , Fraser Jamieson and Josh Whiteside putting in some excellent tackles.

From an Annan perspective all who took part played well, showing lots of improvement and enthusiasm.

Annan players who took part:- Jake Lamont, Josh Whiteside, Kane Marshall, Duncan Walker, Chris McGlasson, Robbie Davidson, Fraser Jamieson,, Euan Murray, Euan Waugh, Robbie Conaghan,



Report by Neil 'Santa' Wallace

Sunday saw the last minute game of Dumfries / Annan U15s combined with some Annan u16s vs Stewartry U15/16s for a friendly fixture composing 2 x 20 mins as a game and a final 20 min session where all players were mixed together.

Leaving the Sunshine in Annan behind the 10 Annan players met the 5 Dumfries boys at Castle Douglas just as the weather broke and with the fine rain starting and the temperature plummeted the scene was set for a challenging handling game.

The visitors received the kickoff and fielded well and some solid phase play was good to see in the deteriorating conditions, before the larger opposition turned the ball over and very quickly got the first points on the board.

The restart showed some handling issues with the wet ball and cold hands leading to an increase in the number of scrums and with all the Dumfries/Annan props away at the international game the scrums were uncontested.

The game as a contest was spoiled due to the weather conditions, with a few players standing out as able to deal with the conditions, Smith with his uncompromising contact play, Townson for his tackling, and a man of the match performance from Eastman gave some positives for the coaches to take into the next game

For the record the game was a 3 try to 1 victory for Stewartry with the final session a 3 all draw.



Report by Gary 'Taggart' Coupland

Annan players: Euan Waugh, Euan Murray, Chris McGlasson, Fraser Jamieson and Josh Whiteside.

On a bright Sunday afternoon, the newly formed Annan/Langholm team opened their account in the Development League 13 a side at Park Farm against a Dumfries Saints team. During the first third the Annan/Langholm lads took some time to come to terms both with the tempo of the game and in some cases the size of some their opponents, particularly the large Dumfries forwards, losing 5 tries, before rallying and after some good handling scoring through Euan Waugh.

The game then become more evenly matched with the Annan and Langholm boys starting to come to terms with the opposition, particularly in the contact area, with the scoring in the latter 2/3rd of the game being 5-2 to Dumfries. The final two Annan/Langholm tries being scored following some excellent running from outside the 22 metre line by Jonathan Wilkes. Both tries arising from some good initial contact and continuity play by his team mates.

After the initial slow start and a certain amount of trepidation about the size of some of their opposition, the Annan and Langholm lads stuck to their task and gelled well as the game progressed and they gained more confidence in both their abilities and their new team mates, particularly in the final 3rd of the game.

A good start from a group of players who, hadn't had the opportunity to train together prior to this match and their were lots of positives to be taken into the next games.

A special mention should also go to John Argo,(Langholm) who despite being one of the smallest players on the field, put in some tremendous tackles to stop some of the Dumfries players, who were almost twice his size, in their tracks. An excellent example to all of commitment and tenacity.

Final Score: Dumfries Saints 10 - Annan/Langholm 3.



Report by Rosie Hair

Annan players: Easton, Johnstone, R.Smith, N. Smith, Wilson, Davidson, Lamont and Tussler

Annan and Dumfries joined forces at under 15 level with both teams supplying 8 players and although they have only had 1 joint training session the lads came together well with open play in particular being a source of enjoyment for spectators and coaches alike.

The home team started well with no 8 Easton making a storming break to open the scoring for scrum half Johnstone to convert .

From the kick off a lapse in concentration saw the usually reliable defence breached by a splendid solo effort, scooping up the ball and crashing over – unconverted

Some loose tacking for the visitors saw Johnstone slip over for his first and the Home teams second – converting the kick. That was the final score of the period.

The second period started with a 4 man change to the home team & Niall Smith was next on the score sheet catching a loose kick and finding space to go over untouched, again Johnstone’s boot was good.

With some solid home defence the ball turned over on almost every attack, keeping Kilmarnock pinned in their own half when Johnstone pounced again for his second and then completed his hat trick and a little later slotted his 4th kick to end the day with a personal total of 27 points.

Kilmarnock scored last in the second period – unconverted.

The third and final period was also dominated by the home team with Ross Hair scoring the first of his brace after some good individual running saw him clean through to score under the posts & then Ross was onhand to support a fine break by Easton, who stole the ball from a Kilmarnock line out.

The final score of the day was a consolation try for the visitor who managed to convert this one to complete the scoring at 43-17

The next game is away to Stewartry on Sunday 10th for a 2pm KO

Training is Wednesday night at 7 till 8 – alternating between Annan & Dumfries