With 9 championships, 2 bowl final wins and many other honours, Annan Rugby are the most successful rugby club in SW Scotland

Here you shall find all the news, gossip and reports on the best rugby team ever to be called Annan Rugby Club.

Annan run 3 senior teams (2 mens and 1 women's), as well as several youth teams (from P1 to U18, boys and girls).

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Annan Rugby - Season 2015/16
St James Smokehouse


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Senior Teams
03/09: 1st XV - H - Kilmarnock- 15.00
03/09: 2nd XV - H - Kilmarnock - 15.00
18/09: Warriors - A - Lismore - 14.00
TBC: U18 Hornets - TBC - TBC - TBC
TBC: U15 Hornets - TBC - TBC - TBC

Youth Teams
04/09: U15 XV - Away - Irvine - 13.00
04/09: U14 XV - Away - Paisley - 13.00
TBC: P4-P7 Tigers - TBC - TBC - TBC
TBC: P1-P3 Tigers - TBC - TBC - TBC

Club House: 17 Bank Street, Annan, DG12 6AA
Club Phone: 01461 204562
Club Ground: Violetbank, Annan, DG12 5NY
Email: contact@annanrfc.com

  Forthcoming Events @ Annan
03/09/16: Ex Players Day - KO: 13.00
03/09/16: 1st XV v Kilmarnock - KO: 15.00
03/09/16: 2nd XV v Kilmarnock - KO: 15.00
Annan Rugby - £250 Monthly Draw

July 250 Monthly Draw Winner: Craig McCann

Contact the Bar or Lindsay for more details on how to enter

Sponsorship Options

Various Sponsorship Options still available for the 2015/2016 season

Full Table
Latest Results
27/08/16: Carrick 51 v Annan 1st XV 21
13/08/16: Annan XV 57 v Marr XV 26
04/08/16: Moffat XV 7 v Annan XV 47
14/05/16: Annan 1st XV 97 v Waysiders 7 - Match Report
11/05/16: Annan 1st XV 32 v McLaren 24 - Match Report
08/05/16: Annan 2nd XV 5 v Creighton 1st XV 83
07/05/16: Annan 1st XV 62 v Isle of Arran 5 - Match Report
01/05/16: Annan Grizzlies 22 v Annan Meerkats 35

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NEW: Carrick v Annan 1st XV - Match Photos
Violetbank Tournament- Tournament Report
Annan XV v Marr XV - Match Highlights
Annan 1st XV v Waysiders - Match Report
P1-P7 Tigers at Moffat - Match Report
Annan 1st XV v Waysiders - Match Photos
Annan 1st XV v Waysiders - Match Highlights
Annan 1st XV v McLaren - Match Report
Annan 1st XV v McLaren - Match Photos
Annan 1st XV v Isle of Arran - Match Report
Annan 2nd XV v Creighton - Match Photos
Annan 2nd XV v Creighton - Match Highlights
Annan 1st XV v Isle of Arran - Match Photos
Annan 1st XV v Isle of Arran - Match Highlights
Ladies Day - Match Photos
13/08: Annan XV v Marr XV
The 9 Annan tries

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