Profile - Club Coach
Neil Moffat

Nickname: Muff, haunted heed, pungent beast, orc, hobbit, rrrrancid

Current Position: Club Coach

Old Position: Wing forward/Hooker ??

Favourite Player: PC is my hero

Favourite Rugby Moment: Watching PC scorrrring the best trrry everrr by an Annan playerrr.

Most Embarrassing Moment: I'm embarrrressed by my appearrrrance everrrytime I leave the house so it's harrrd to pin point an exact moment.

Profile - Club Coach
Niall Smith

Niall 'Baz' Smith

Nickname: Baz

Current Position: Club Coach

Old Position: Stand Off

Favourite Player: Probably Griff at the moment. Clanny before he went to the enemy!

Favourite Rugby Moment: Playing for Shoalhaven in Oz, winning at Murrayfield,winning Selkirk 7's, every Oki Doki Tour, touring Texas in 97 & beating the Royal High School of Edinburgh with Annan Academy in the Scottish Schools cup.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Easy, losing 139-7 to Glasgow Hawks. Nothing else comes close. Saying Griff is my favourite player is quite embarrassing too.

Extra Info: I love lager & pizza but I don't like drinking lager whilst eating pizza. Isn't life strange!!