Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Neil Bell

Neil 'Belly' Bell

Nickname: Belly/Lugs

Old Position: Back Row/2nd Row

Favourite Player: Neil Halliday

Favourite Rugby Moment: Playing for Scotland International deaf team

Most Embarrassing Moment: Big losses on match days - Worst score I can remember is getting beat by some Hawick team 87-0!!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Philip Bertram

Philip 'Bertie' Bertram

Nickname: Bertie

Old Position: Ex-Winger, Ex-Treasurer, Touch Judge, Committee Member

Favourite Player: Andy Render & Tam Thorburn

Favourite Rugby Moment: Winning the league with the 2nds in 2002/03 and scoring 2 tries that season! Hardly missing any training sessions for over 2 seasons-man that felt good!

Most Embarrassing Moment: Where to start-breaking my arm, giving speech as treasurer using 'Emmm' every 2nd word, dropping the ball, not being able to keep up with Neil Chalmers when he broke away during a game-if I'd stuck with him I'd have scored but he is deceptively quick! Gus, I need more space here!

Extra Info: I'm sure there's more people could add! But I was proof that if you train hard then the selectors will pick you and you enjoy the game a lot more as well!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
John Carlyle

John 'Onny' Carlyle

Nickname: Onny

Old Position: Prop

Favourite Player: Ewan Currie, Big Stuff, Smi, Boo Boo, Linton, all team mates except Bruno

Favourite Rugby Moment: Playing for Annan, touring, Murrayfield 2003, not enough space to write them down

Most Embarrassing Moment: Wearing a Dumfries shirt, having diarrhoea at Livingston, Smi pointed me in the direction of some bushes as the club was too far unsuspecting dog walker got quite a fright, being drawn on by Billys when blitzed, falling asleep on numerous occasions, squealing like a Buckley when I broke my leg.

Extra Info: Be proud to play for Annan its a great club

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Gordon Brown

Gordon 'Broon' Brown

Nickname: Broon/Bruno

Position: Hooker

Favourite Player: Jack Thomson

Favourite Rugby Moment: Drinking Gala Star's bar dry sometime in the mid eighties

Most Embarrassing Moment: Losing my teeth to Graham Hogg's elbow against Tynedale (and one in Paris I don't wish to remember!)

Extra Info: I'm never offside - I am that fast! Band bookings cheap(ish) for club members

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Paul Carruthers

Paul 'PC' Carruthers

Nickname: PC, Hobbit

Old Position: Hooker/Club Captain

Favourite Player: Andy Render/Bob Currie

Favourite Rugby Moment: Has to be winning the Bowl at Murrayfield, closely followed by my try against Stewartry in 2003. I've been told it was the best try ever scored by an Annan player! Honest.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting a 1 match ban last year after accumulating 3 yellow cards, or, almost never scoring a try since I moved into the seniors.

Extra Info: It is mans obligation to put his boneration in a woman's separation. This type of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation. Ta

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Gary Coupland

Gary Coupland

Nickname: Taggart

Old Position: Second Row

Favourite Player: Neal & Craig Coupland

Favourite Rugby Moment: Actually getting off the ground in a lineout - think it was against Border Park in 1994 - awesome feeling. Tam was there, he saw it.(Kenny was on the wing, it ended 13 - 9 to us and the ref's name was Bob Snodgrass who incidentally also ref'd us against Creighton 2nds on December 12th 1998 - amazing facts courtesy of Tam)

Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting off the ground in a lineout against Border Park in 1994, I was that shocked I dropped the ball and my confidence never really recovered.

Extra Info: When I run it looks like i'm playing an invisible piano, which is strange because I own an invisible piano but can't play it!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Robert Craig

Robert Craig


Position: 2nd row/No 8

Favourite Player: Nelly

Favourite Rugby Moment: Playing for Kilmarnock in a pre-season game against Irvine and being sent off for being too aggressive!! Loved it!

Most Embarrassing Moment: Again playing for Kilmarnock against Dumfries came out of changeing room late and went to jump over the guide ropes on pitch caught my feet and fell flat on face and burst my nose, both teams turned round and witnessed the full event!

Extra Info: Having moved from Kilmarnock to Annan, i am enjoying every minute of playing as well as socialising with the boys, there a good group of lads!

Profile - Current Player
Jonathan Crombie

Jonathan Crombie

Nickname: J, Jonno, Jonny, Crombitch, The Bearded One

Position: Prop (tight or loose)

Favourite Player: Steve Kelly, Andy White, Willix

Favourite Rugby Moment: Starting the 1st 'gainst Duns, winning the Annan tournament, Andys tackle against Dunbar academy under the floodlights at Violetbank, winning the bowl for the Colts last season.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Dropping the ball across the try line (numerous times), breakin ma ankle, havin ma stuff auctioned off on the Kilmarnock bus.

Extra Info: Never leave anything lying in the same changing room as Muff or Billy. It wont be there when u go back for it. C*nts. lol. Peace!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Bob Currie

Bob 'Bob' Currie

Nickname: Bob

Old Position: No 7

Favourite Player: Keith Hogg

Favourite Rugby Moment: Winning Selkirk junior 7s 2002, and beating Langholm to relegate them

Most Embarrassing Moment: Camsublang 1998 Bus trip home

Extra Info: Is Olly Alcock playing at the club this New Year?

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Ewan Currie

Ewan 'Bobs Fat Brother' Currie

Nickname: Bob's Fat Brother

Old Position: Full Back/Center/Stand Off

Favourite Player: Babe Graham

Favourite Rugby Moment: Scoring 5 tries in a game for the school, don't know who we were playing or why, but I scored 5 tries, all me. Hooray

Most Embarrassing Moment: First time at senior training; when everyone realised how lazy slow and unbob like I really am.

Extra Info: My dad looks like Ned Flanders

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Duncan Fisher

Duncan Fisher

Nickname: Fish, Fisher

Old Position: anywhere like!

Favourite Player: Minto or Billy. You've gotta appreciate the banter on the field lads!

Favourite Rugby Moment: Smashin' sum guy against Dalziel last year before k'o'ing myself!

Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting totally smashed in my first ever game for the 1's against Stewartry!

Extra Info: Keep going at it lads got f*%k all to worry about!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Jim Gibb

Coming Soon

Nickname: Upside Down Head

Old Position: Prop

Favourite Player: Dicey

Favourite Rugby Moment: When I took a young colts team to the cumnock tens and ray fulton scored 2 of the best tries I've ever seen from a prop, including myself

Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting shit on my beard one night at training at the weroc

Extra Info: Fraser ya wee bastard shut the f&*k up I'm trying to type on the computer

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
James Gilmour

James 'Lector' Gilmour

Nickname: Lector/Nelly or Mr Gilmour to young ones

Old Position: tight head prop and 1st in line in the bakers in the morning

Favourite Player: Jim Gibb/Neil Halliday

Favourite Rugby Moment: Texas tour against Austin and the training for the tour cause the crack was good everybody helping each other out!!

Most Embarrassing Moment: Being sent off numerous times but the 1st time against Stewartry was the worst

Extra Info: I am the pie eating king !!! Mmmm Johnstone pies !!! Carol go to the butchers!!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Alastair Graham

Alastair 'Babe' Graham

Nickname: Babe, Zoom, Fat Pirate, Pieman

Old Position: Inside centre/Full back

Favourite Player: Neil Chalmers, Keith Hogg

Favourite Rugby Moment: Beating Fortworth on the Texas Tour '97

Most Embarrassing Moment: Playing at Cartha, after dribbling the ball the full length of the field, it stuck in a puddle in-goal but I misjudged the position of the ball and dived right over it.

Extra Info: Being left in St Andrews after a game and not getting home until 0800hrs in the morning, but hey I know the rules.

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Barry Graham

Barry 'Duk Bum' Graham

Nickname: Baza

Old Position: Scrum Half

Favourite Player: Sean Buckley/Jevs

Favourite Rugby Moment: Rugby tours to Texas, Canada and Wales

Most Embarrassing Moment: Escorting Colin Warrick after his 21st birthday. Andy Render and I had to see things that no one should have to see!

Extra Info: Looking for compensation from Billy Henderson. I have a sore neck from looking at him behind me at training

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
David Graham

David 'Babe Jnr' Graham

Nickname: Babe Jnr

Old Position: Winger

Favourite Player: My pimping old man (Babe)

Favourite Rugby Moment: Scoring a try from behind my own goal line, i was rapid, now i'm slower than Babe

Most Embarassing Moment: Ewan Currie (18 stone version) starting on the wing; and I was left on the bench.

Extra Info: Michael Jackson did not touch those kids!

Profile - Current Player
Michael Griffin

Michael 'Griff' Griffin

Nickname: Griff

Position: Inside Centre

Favourite Player: Myself or my Uncle Shaun "Dan" Griffin

FavouriteRugby Moment: The cup against Cartha when I had to run a long way to score

Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting the piss taken out of me by Edinburgh Accies when I had my 1st start for the 1st team on the wing coz I was useless then!!

Extra Info: Call me sumtime? If you want

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Adam Halliday

Coming Soon

Nickname: Boose not booce

Old Position: Flanker/2nd row

Favourite Player: Cashus!!!

Favourite Rugby Moment: My first game for Annan against Langholm, everyone said we would get killed, but we won!

Most Embarassing Moment: dont have one yet...

Extra Info: Nah

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Wullie Harrison

Wullie Harrison

Nickname: Haribo Snr, I'm 40 you know!

Position: Utility, winger, 2nd raw, sub, serial comeback specialist!!!

Favourite Player: Cash, Mash, Smi, Max, Goggs, Haribo

Favourite Rugby Moment: Scoring my first try since May 1982 against Creighton earlier this year, being part of the victorious U15 league campaign, playing at West Park 7's while still severely under the influence. A very inebriated Bo, pishing doon his leg and onto his impromptu kilt on the bus to West Park when we went round a corner and he fell out of the on board toilet. The opening of Violetbank, as a spectator, what a grand day.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Taking 23 years to get my second club try - had 2 dis-allowed in the early 90's in the same game against Dumfries 2's, they did touch the ground Rod ya blind fooka! - but they will flood in now!! Witnessing Bo falling oot the bus toilet, weapon in hand, still pishing. Traumatised for life!! Asking Damien Cronin if he fancied a game of biddly bobs in the club on the night of the grand opening, and him saying yes!!!

Extra Info: Proud to be part of a fine 2nd's team and the cameraderie of the lads and the club in general. Hoping to train at least 5 times in 2006!!!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Euan Hay

Euan Hay

Old Position:Utility waterboy

Favourite Player: Dancer

Favourite Rugby Moment: Final whistle in any sevens game I ever played.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Smashing young Keith Hogg into a post at training and bruising his kidneys. Needs to learn how to run a scissors properly!!

Extra Info: Has anyone seen ma gumshield. Last seen at the Weyrock about 11 years ago!!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Billy Henderson

Billy 'Wilma' Henderson

Nickname: Wilma

Position: International Bricklayer (winger too)

Favourite Player: Myself

Favourite Rugby Moment: When the selection saw sense and picked me to play on the wing. I am the best winger in the club

Most Embarrassing Moment: Most embarrassing moment would have to be playing on the wing and making a total arse of it.

Extra Info: For all your building needs contact W HENDERSON, THE WEST WING, HENDERSON HALLS, BRYDKIRK - (when you have annoyed me enough I may come and look at the job an tell you I have a lot on but will be with you directly.)

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Mark Hollis

Coming Soon

Nickname: Heimy

Old Position: Winger

Favourite Player: Babe

Favourite Rugby Moment: Getting my nickname from Cash at colts training.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Making my come back after buggering up my shoulder and buggering up my shoulder in the first tackle.

Extra Info: Heimy Hollis King of the Jews wipes his arse with the Cumberland News! And don't you forget it.

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Darren Irvine

Darren 'Del' Irvine

Nickname: Del

Old Position: Prop

Favourite Player: Paul Minto & Cash

Favourite Rugby Moment: Playing my first full game for the 1st team when we won, resulting in the relegation of Langholm.

Most Embarrassing Moment: When I played for Crichton and was put on my arse by Cash. (I had already done the same to him but I also came away with the ball!)

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Ali Jackson

Ali Jackson

Nickname: Super Ali

Position: Prop

Favourite Player: Billy

Favourite Rugby Moment: Playing at Murryfield winning the Scottish U16 cup with Howe of Fife - awesome!

Most Embarrassing Moment: Playing at Murryfield just came on in a semi final game when I was only on 1 min and i got injured gutted

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Steve Jancey

Steve Jancey

Nickname: Blind Bashtard

Old Position:Winger/Wing Forward/Ref

Favourite Player: Cash/Tam/Kenny Hogg

Favourite Rugby Moment: Watching Annan beating Langholm or any border team. Going to Upper Eden for some port

Most Embarrassing Moment: Losing the bus keys at Paisley just after Ian Black said things can't get any worse. We had lost the game. It was pishing down.

Extra Info: Don't forget when you get an old blind bashtard you to can be a ref. Remember to buy some trousers with zips on to keep your keys in.

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Gareth Johnson

Coming Soon

Nickname: Gaz

Old Position: Wing and 2nd Row

Favourite Player: Mark Johnson, Mike Griffen, Callum Nicholson

Favourite Rugby Moment: Scoring my first ever try for Kilmarnock against Annan because Kilmarnock were short of players LOL Yeah

Most Embarrassing Moment: Dropping the ball three times in a cup game for the Under 15's

Extra Info: Im gaining confidence in myself and Under 15's are doing well aswell as the rest of the Annan teams

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Nickname: Pea

Position: Fullback

Favourite Player: Alex Dunbar

FavouriteRugby Moment: Winning Selkirk 7's

Most Embarrassing Moment: Puking from top step of Stewartry clubhouse after getting my 1st XV tie

Extra Info: Apparently I have a really small head!!!!!

Social Media:

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Neil Latimer

Neil 'Hairy' Latimer

Nickname: Hairy, Victor

Old Position: Stand Off, Centre, Scrum Half, Full Back

Favourite Player: Boss Hogg, The Bat

Favourite Rugby Moment: The crack, the Tours, Crianlaric railway station, Kirkaldy games with the 2"s, winning, Ers' team talks, the feeling in the pit of your stomach just before kick off.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Lets just say it involved lager, sit ups, vodka, tequilla, star jumps, watermelon,squats, more tequilla and more tequilla. And Sleep!

Extra Info: Back in the Border League days once had post match meal in the wrong Clubhouse.

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Scott McCann

Scott McCann

Old Position: Stand-off, Fullback, Scrum-half, Winger, Prop

Favourite Player: I love you all

Favourite Rugby Moment: Making my debut for Annan firsts at home was scary! We got hammered but loved it! Beating Ellon at home last year was great. Watching Annan win at Murrayfield. (oh and the last time Scotland beat England)

Most Embarrassing Moment: Hmmm - tricky - getting sent off by my dad at colts!! - that wasn't a good night! Getting tombstoned on the pitch was pretty funny!

Extra Info: Beating Ayr Colts at home was a major highlight. Biggest regret - not being old enough for the tour to Ireland or old enough to play at Murrayfield!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Shaun McGauchie

Coming Soon

Nickname: No one calls me it to my face!

Old Position: 10 where-else?

Favourite Player: Andy Render

Favourite Rugby Moment: The kangaroo court in Toronto, watching James Mason search for his teeth, watching Babe swerve that chair + Tosh + Hairy train in Dallas

Most Embarrassing Moment: Being beaten on a 3 mile run by Jim Tweedie 'til a visit to the docs told me I had a collapsed lung

Extra Info: Keep playing as long as you can cause it sucks watching

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Neil MacGregor

Neil 'Big Stuff' MacGregor

Nickname: Big Stuff

Old Position: 2nd Row/Prop

Favourite Player: Jevs, Bob Currie & Tam

Favourite Rugby Moment: Being part of the '7 in a row', any tour i've ever been on, scoring a try for Scotland U19's, any post match meal consisting of Soup, arguing with every ref, punching folk in the team talks (it was the only time I ever connected with one)

Most Embarrassing Moment: Diving over to score against Haddington only to find it was the 5 meter line. Licking whipped cream from Chocolates armpits in Canada. Going for a crap in Mullingar and forgetting to lift my kilt (I cleaned it off with my roomates toothbrush - sorry)

Extra Info: Enjoy every moment at training and in games, you'll miss it when it's gone. Eat plenty of soup - it encourages hair growth

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Paul Minto

Paul 'Tosh' Minto

Nickname: Tosh

Old Position: Back Row

Favourite Player: All ex-St Columbas players

Favourite Rugby Moment: The Scott Bonner side step, Pup Wylie's hydraulics, Halliday mauling, Gog's dummies, Shaun McG's left boot, A. Render's tackle v Langholm this season, the consolation try v GHK, Jim Twigg winning player of the year, Johnny L wasting Gary Waite, Scott Nichol halfing Billy H (ouch!), that night in Swansea Uplands clubroom, singing hi-ho with the bottles in the bar at the Beaches in Toronto, Hairy's bruise, Clannie's lip, that game v Heriots seconds, the selkirk colts 7 in 1981 or 2, that bar in Dallas that sold Belhaven.....

Most Embarrassing Moment: Being a South supporter when the All Blacks gubbed them by 70 points in 92 or 93

Extra Info: Life is not a dress rehearsal

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Paul O'Donnell

Paul 'Pud' O'Donnell

Nickname: Pud

Old Position: Forward

Favourite Player: Paul 'PC' Carruthers

Favourite Rugby Moment: The Bowl

Most Embarrassing Moment: Breaking my ankle like a wee girl!

Extra Info: Cannie ee tee ee

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Andy Render

Andy Render

Nickname: Err....Andy !!!

Old Position: Center, Wing, Hooker, Back Row.......

Favourite Player: Tam 'the bat'

Favourite Rugby Moment: Murrayfield 2003

Most Embarrassing Moment: Having a brandy or two too many at Corstorphine and falling for Billy's 'there's a phone call for you' routine!

Extra Info: Apparently I'm the club's fourth best hooker ever after Puj, Jack Thompson and Bruno - no bad for a centre!!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Gary Ross

Gary 'Emperor' Ross

Nickname: Emperor Rosco

Old Position: In from of the mirror

Favourite Player: Gary Ross

Favourite Rugby Moment: So Many it's hard to choose. I really was that good.

Most Embarrassing Moment: One time I missed a tackle and looked around and couldn't find anyone to blame it on.

Extra Info: Once played for a full season without getting dirty.

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Graham Smith

Graham 'Smithy' Smith

Nickname: Smithy

Old Position: No. 8

Favourite Player: Tam - he's a legend

Favourite Rugby Moment: Have to be winning the bowl at Murrayfield, great day or relegating Langholm a few seasons ago

Most Embarrassing Moment: Being sent off - 30 seconds after coming off the bench. Positive ref had me and Seth mixed up

Extra Info: Just returned from 2 years out after knee operation, gradually getting back to fitness and loving it

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Eric Thomson

Eric 'Startled' Thomson

Nickname: Startled

Old Position: Winger

Favourite Player: Gogs

Favourite Rugby Moment: Playing with the Auld boy against Uncle Peter and the prison guards. Also the Jed game as Colts when Cash was quitting. Remember Gus?

Most Embarrassing Moment: Spewing on the table in the Crawford Arms. That's probably Heughans too!

Extra Info: Scored 5 tries against someone, sometime.

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Jack Tinning

Jack 'Slevery' Tinning

Nickname: Slevery

Old Position: On the Door/Prop

Favourite Player: Don't Know - don't mix with them

Favourite Rugby Moment: Starting a fight in every game i've ever played in

Most Embarrassing Moment: Losing most of the fights I start

Extra Info: I'm misunderstood. I have got a girlfriend and she is real it's just a co-incidence that none of you have ever seen her

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Jim Tweedie

Jim 'Twig' Tweedie

Nickname: Twig

Old Position: 2nd Row

Favourite Player: Dougie Thomson

Favourite Rugby Moment: Beating Allan Glens at the Weyroc to win the first league title for Annan 2nds.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Injuring Onny in the warm up before a league game against Cartha Queens Park 2nds.

Extra Info: Keep playing as long as you can boys, because as somebody once said to me 'You're a long time no playing'

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Andrew White

Andrew 'Mini Bashtard' White

Nickname: Andy, Mini Bashtard, Snowie

Old Position: Stand Off

Favourite Player: Don't have one

Favourite Rugby Moment: Captaining Glasgow U16s, being selected for Glasgow U18s & U16s. Playing first game for the firsts against Duns........and winning!!!

Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting knocked out against a shit team!! I still scored after I got knocked 4 six tho'!!! coz I'm 'ard!!

Profile - Retired or Ex-Player
Kenny White

Kenny 'The Bashtard' White

Nickname: The Bashtard

Old Position: Ex-Coach

Favourite Player: Any player from Gretna

Favourite Rugby Moment: Any Annan win at the moment (or try or tackle ar even winning the toss)

Most Embarrassing Moment: Saying well tackled to Chocolate

Extra Info: I tend to call everyone a bashtard sorry but everyone is one in Gretna